Extracts from reviews

'He is a world authority on annuals'
Royal Horticultural Society

'His passion for the sweet pea and all its possibilities runs through the text.'
Daily Telegraph

'With a wonderful range of photographs and comprehensive selections of cultivars...An excellent book, well written... an essential reference work'
National Sweet Pea Society

'This book is not designed for the rarefied world of the exhibitor but for people who want to grow sweet peas for the pure delight of seeing them in the garden or in a vase as a cut flower.
Daily Telegraph

'...where the book really shines, and is of great value, is through the insight it gives into how sweet peas can be grown in the gar-den.'
Gardens Illustrated

'I've been waiting for a new book on sweet peas for ages and I was delighted to discover this new book. Lots of beautiful pictures coupled with plenty of practical advice and no irritating jargon,'
A Customer, amazon.co.uk

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